Monday 9 July 2012

Implementing simple site themes using SASS

SASS is awesome, I first discovered it around 9 or so months ago now and have loved it ever since. Recently I implemented an unplanned theme system to a web app and because I was doing the styles in a modular/extendable way thanks to SASS, it was very easy. It took around around 30 minutes to have 8 distinct colour themed stylesheets.

The app was originally split up into a structure like this:
  • base (folder)
    • _colors.scss
    • _fonts.scss
    • _sizes.scss
  • _includes.scss
  • site.scss
  • _<otherareas>.scss

To make the stylesheets I moved the relevant colors from the _colors.scss file to the new stylesheet (red.scss, green.scss, etc.) and had those file include the old stylesheet (site.scss).


@import "_site";